prior to its official launch in 2018, PANGAIA spent years searching for much more environmentally friendly services to fuel the creation of sustainable wardrobe must-haves. Nowadays, the brand is known for its quality wardrobe basics and essentials, all of which appear in an range of fresh and colourful shades and tints.

With PANGAIA seemingly acquiring much more and much more traction across the fashion landscape by the day, we thought we would answer the question on numerous people’s lips – “how exactly does the brand fit?”. here at The Sole Supplier, we’ve chose to tap our faithful product specialists to give you their direct opinions on how the brand fits and what size you ought to be aiming for! So if you’re in the market for some new PANGAIA bits, make sure to read on!

How Does Pangaia clothing Fit?

Because PANGAIA produces an comprehensive range of products across its selection, we’re going to be primarily focusing on its many popular 365 range. typically speaking, the whole PANGAIA 365 range has a slightly different fit between pieces.

Hoodies arrive with a broad boxy silhouette that is not too long in the body. due to the width of the garment, we would recommend sizing down from your regular size unless you’re planning on wearing the piece with a unwinded fit!
The Joggers sport a drawstring waist upper implying they are somewhat adjustable between sizes. It’s best to know your leg length measurement to guarantee you’re getting the best side and they won’t be too long. In addition, all the joggers will sport a unwinded fit through the upper portion of the leg.
The sweatshirts are likely the truest to size piece of the bunch. This piece will fit like your average run of the mill sweatshirt, so you can simply choose your regular size or alternatively size up if you want a baggier fit.
Similar to the sweatshirts, the t-shirts will also arrive with a true to size construction. If you are searching for some added length in the body though, it may be best to size up. It’s also worth noting the t-shirts are available in both cotton and seaweed fabrics, with the seaweed giving a heavier and much more premium feel out of the two.

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“My PANGAIA hoodie is one of the staple pieces in my wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with the essentials!”
Jack A, content Writer
How Does Your PANGAIA Hoodie Fit?

PANGAIA hoodies fit pretty boxy in all honesty, but I quite like that! The body is quite broad but fortunately the length isn’t too long, which is great as I’m not a fan of the whole long baggy hoodie look personally. If you go true to size the fit of the hoodie will be baggy but very cosy. You can always size down if you want a much more fitted look.

Is Your PANGAIA Hoodie Comfortable?

Super comfortable! You can tell this brand are keen on making comfort a priority! I’d be quite pleased wearing this hoodie 24/7 if it came down to it.

How Do You style Your PANGAIA Hoodie?

When I think of hoodies, I think of comfort. That’s why I’m typically rocking mine with a classic pair of matching PANGAIA sweatpants. To complete this cosy fit, I typically wear a pair of Yeezy Foam RNNRs too for the supreme cosy ‘fit.

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“I fully rate my PANGAIA sweatshirt! I’m big on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, so naturally, I appreciate everything the brand does.”

Raph, content Writer
How Does Your PANGAIA Sweatshirt Fit?

My PANGAIA 365 sweatshiet fits true to size. like I never really know what size to opt for with some brands, but I can safely say my PANGAIA 365 sweatshirt fits a charm! If you’re a medium in other streetwear brands such as Stussy or Champion, you ought to certainly get the same size PANGAIA sweatshirt.

Is Your PANGAIA Sweatshirt Comfortable?

Ja, absolut! Sure, I didn’t opt for one of their luxury cashmere pieces, but even still I find this sweatshirt feels pretty good. It’s soft to the touch too which is nice.

How Do You style Your PANGAIA Sweatshirt?

I typically opt for a classic on the relocation look. I’ll pair this sweatshirt with a pair of baggy light wash jeans complete with a pair of new balance 550s on the feet for a proper father look! I’ll typically chuck some kind of matching cap or beanie in there too if it’s a bad hair day.

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“I’ve recently added several PANGAIA t-shirts to my wardrobe and I honestly haven’t looked back! You just simply can’t beat a classic fit.”
Adam, Head of news
How Does Your PANGAIA t-shirt Fit?

It’s pretty true to size in all honesty! like I don’t really like wearing my t-shirts too baggy so I just copped my regular size. If I wanted a baggier fit next time, I might objective for the next size up.

Is Your PANGAIA t-shirt Comfortable?

Ja, absolut! I went for the seaweed version of the tee and its heavyweight construction just sits and feels so nice. plus it’s very envBügel freundlich, was immer ein Bonus ist.

Wie stylen Sie Ihr Pangaia-T-Shirt?

Ich neige dazu, es einfach zu halten, weißt du! Die Möglichkeiten sind endlos. Wenn ich zum Beispiel ins Büro gehe, kann ich es einfach mit meinem Repräsentant Flanell oben leiten. Auf der Unterseite schaue ich normalerweise ein Paar Cargos neben einem Paar klassischer Nike SB -Dunks.

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